Nicole Galloway is a space holder for humans, on this Earth and in this transition time from the Piscean to Aquarian Age.  Showing up with open arms and a full heart to be of service to all sentient beings, Nicole is a guide to anyone looking to expand their awareness, raise their vibration and create an intentional mindfulness practice.  As a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and student of Buddhist principles, Nicole is a Freeman of the Whole Estate, meaning she uses techniques, tools and practices from a myriad of studies from across the globe.

In 2015, Nicole followed her partner, Hannah Royce, to achieve a dream of creating a safe space for women to share, heal and support one another through their women's empowerment experience, Confidence Con.  Through this 4 year journey together, they have helped hundreds of women open their hearts and shift their mindsets in areas of self-love, mindfulness + gratitude, advocacy, and overall communal support.  Together, they are working globally to assist in the shift as patriarchal structures fall away and the new matriarchal archetype emerges. The goal of Sun Roller is to guide folx to their own divinity and power within themselves to achieve inner peace and happiness. 

In 2014, Nicole was given the call to GET WATER.  After spending over 11 years in the Oil & Gas Industry in Oklahoma and across the US, something bigger was calling.  Something much deeper and more crucial existed inside.  A call to serve other humans versus just serving herself.  In June of 2014, she traveled across the globe and spent three weeks in the bush of Zambia serving humans in need of access to clean/safe water.  Mobilizing communities with sanitation education and organizing hand pump water wells for schools, clinics and villages.  The impact of this life-changing trip prompted her to dramatically change everything.  The lifestyle, the career, the STUFF that used to be so important...all fell away to make space for this mission of service to humans needing energy access.  

The role and responsibility of gathering water falls directly on the women and children.  The statistics of hours spent fetching unsafe water, to maintain their standard of living, is absolutely gut wrenching.  Great News!  There is a connection with our favorite FREE renewable resource + the people across the globe without access to clean water.  SOLAR ENERGY!!!  By bringing resources, tools and guidance with solar energy, those of us fortunate here in the west can help these beautiful humans, aiding them with opportunities to create businesses and serve their fellow communities.  By training women in solar energy and aiding them to start their own business, we can help end the world's water crisis in this lifetime.  

The logo of Sun Roller indicates the specific ways Nicole was called to serve.  GET WATER to the people who need it most.  The SUN represents opportunity for life force and renewable energy with solar power.  The eye represents a vision beyond their previous limitations.  Restoration and healing.  AFRICA is the population in need of these efforts more than anyplace on this planet.  

If this information moves you to action, please view our Mission + Partnership page to continue the conversation and learn how to get involved.

Donate directly to Sun Roller's current Women's Empowerment project in Benin, West Africa with the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF).