SUN ROLLER partners with the non-profit organization, based out of Washington D.C., SELF: Solar Electric Light Fund. Don't let the name fool you...they do MUCH more than Solar Lighting.  

SELF's mission is to design and implement solar energy solutions to assist the 1.5 billion people living in energy poverty with their economic, educational, health care and agricultural development.

Since 1990, SELF has completed projects in more than 20 countries and pioneered unique applications of solar power such as for drip irrigation in Benin, health care in Haiti, telemedicine in the Amazon rainforest, online learning in South Africa and microenterprise development in Nigeria.  From solar powered gardens and water systems, to street lighting, to schools and health care centers, SELF is committed to improving all aspects of life with the power of the SUN.

Please visit their website to learn more about the impact they are making on our planet and in the lives of humans across the globe.  Energy access is the foundation of so many aspects of life.  If you feel called to contribute to their amazing work, your gift will help bring clean solar energy to people living in energy poverty, making it possible for them to improve their education, health, food security, and economic development.  100% of your donation goes directly to SELF.  It’s fast, easy and secure.  

Take a look at the results of Solar Drip Irrigation in Benin, Africa.